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CWOP Ministries marriage educators consist of husband and wife team Pastor Troy and Lady Lisa Banks. They also serve the body of Christ through marital leadership and are faith based educators registered with Twogether in Texas, which is a healthy marriage initiative of HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission of Texas).

Premarital Counseling: “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”

CWOP Ministries offer premarital classes, from a biblical point of view, that are designed to give heterosexual engaged couples a unique opportunity to save their marriage before it starts by learning and seeking godly wisdom about marriage in a safe and fun environment.

Couples that complete our 8-hour marriage/relationship sessions can use their certificate of completion to get $60.00 off their marriage license fee as well as a waiver of the 72-hour waiting period. Premarital certificates are valid for up to one year of completion date. Also, the completion certificate must be presented at the County Clerk’s office before applying for a marriage license.

Marriage Enrichment: “Maintaining a Healthy Marriage”

In addition, CWOP Ministries works with husbands and wives who want to re-energize, refresh, and reconnect with each other. These sessions offer tools to rediscover or maintain a healthy heterosexual marriage relationship. It allows the busy couple to step away and take time to spend quality time building on a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Christian marriages by rediscovering each other and focus on your relationship.

Marriage Counseling: “Healing Troubled Marriages”

Marital issues can be enormously intense and hurtful, and that pain can cut deeply and last a very long time. One of our goals as counselors is to provide help for couples who are living with this type of disappointment and agony in their marriage. By working through relationship problems, we can help address issues in the marriage to help couples heal.

If you have any questions regarding more information on premarital/marital counseling, fees, or scheduling an appointment, please contact us through our Contact Us page located on this website.  

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